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Clinical Apparel

In addition to the large variety of scrubs, we also carry a great selection of clinical apparel to finish your look. From lab coats to enhance your professional image, to surgical wear for your in-office procedures.
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In or Outside the Office

Casual Apparel

Your team might enjoy a performance jacket to layer over scrubs inside your office, or a more substantial jacket for working outside the office. We have a wide range of options from which you can choose. These are a great way to enhance your brand and polish your image if you add your custom logo to any of these items!
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For Hard Working Feet


From head to toe, we have you covered! Your hardworking feet deserve support and comfort throughout your day. We have a beautiful selection of tennis shoes, clogs, socks, and medical-grade compression socks for superior leg support.
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Going Above & Beyond

Much More than Just Scrubs


Dress for the Job

Clinical apparel is another must-have for many clinics and medical offices. You already know we have a huge selection of scrubs, but we are also able to round out your team's workwear with a large variety of lab coats and doctor's coat. Adding these to your team's attire not only helps to keep scrubs free from stains, hair, and debris, but they also add an extra layer of professionalism to your brand.

Also for those in management or other positions that don't require scrubs, we have oxford and polo shirts. And don't forget your surgical wear as well, because we all know you need additional protection in your operating rooms and sterile environments.


Performance from Head to Toe

Whether your team works inside or outside your office doors, our performance wear is a fabulous addition to your attire. These garments are great to help team members stay warmer in cool conditions but still keep your image looking polished and professional. And when you add custom embroidery to any of our performance jackets, you add another layer of quality branding that people will notice!

Standing all day long can take a toll on your feet, legs, back and more. You need the right footwear for the jobs you perform every day. So if your job takes you outside in the elements where you have mud, rain or snow, you could benefit from shopping our beautiful section of work boots, from heavy-duty to lighter-duty, fashion-friendly boots. And for the team members that work primarily inside the office, we have a wide range of slip-resistant clogs and trending styles in tennis shoes we've specifically picked out for medical professionals.