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Additional Clinical Apparel

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Surgical Necessities

We've listened to our clients throughout the years, and they've asked us to provide the basic necessities needed for surgery and sterile environments. We've assembled various basic surgical wear needs, from a small collection of surgery gowns to surgical caps. If we don't carry the surgical garments you would like in your clinic, don't hesitate to email or talk with one of our Customer Care Representatives, and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

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Lab Coats & Doctor's Coats

According to a study from, they surveyed 505 pet owners regarding their perceptions of clinicians based on attire. Respondents reviewed photos of faceless men and women in both blue surgical scrubs and business casual attire—with and without an added white coat—and rated their comfort interacting with and perceived competence of clinicians. Higher levels of comfort and competence were associated with surgical scrubs versus business casual clothing. The addition of a white coat increased comfort level. Lab coats and Doctor's coats not only help to keep debris and contaminants off your scrubs and professional clothing, but they also portray a more professional image and instill a sense of calm, confidence, and comfort in your clients when visiting your business.

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Covering All Facets of Your Practice

Scrubs may be the basic work attire for staff in your practice, but what about those team members who have positions that don't require scrubs, or those people in upper-management positions? We carry Oxford shirts for a professional look; perfect for office staff, doctors or other staff that need a clean, tailored look when consulting with patients or vendors. If you're looking for a more casual look, but still want to keep your brand in-tact, maybe Polo Shirts are an option. We carry a great variety of polo shirts for you to choose from, from your traditional cotton blends to performance styles with fabrics that are lighter, moisture wicking and easier to care for.

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