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Unify Your Team

Uniforms are a key visual representation of professionalism and brand identity - reinforce your brand message while building a coordinated and consistent image for your team.

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Find the Best Scrubs to

Outfit Your Team

Don't know what scrub brand is best for you? Do you need extended sizes, extra features, or specific colors? Our unique, custom-built feature will prompt you to enter your specific group needs and then suggest the best brands that meet the requirements of your entire team.

Sizing Orders

Ensure a Perfect Fit

Have you found a brand of scrubs and a style you like? A Sizing Order is a great way to get a full-size run, or specific sizes sent straight to your office for your team to try on. This allows you to feel the fabric and try the garments on to ensure the perfect fit for each member of your team.

Saving You Time with

Easy Team Ordering

We've made team ordering simple and more convenient than ever. Look for this icon
to create, edit, place and view saved Team Orders.

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Experience Simplified Team Ordering

Because we've been working with medical, dental, therapeutic and veterinary groups for over 40 years, we know how time-consuming and stressful the traditional ordering process can be. We've developed this custom feature to streamline the entire process, so now group ordering is no longer difficult or time-consuming. This new feature uses custom-built technology that allows you to create, build and maintain your group orders for easy access, quick reviews, and seamless reordering.

Manage Your Team

Add a new team member or select an existing member.

Start Shopping

Select items from scrubs, apparel, or accessories from the main navigation for each team member.

Save or Checkout

Save your order to edit or complete at a later time or checkout.

Look for this Icon

When you click this icon in the upper right-hand corner you can create, edit, place and view your saved Team Order.


Ensure Your Team Gets the Perfect Fit

We know that shopping online can be difficult when it comes to knowing how your garments will fit. Then you have the hassle of returns... yuk!! We want you to get the right fit the first time. Let us send you a Sizing Order.

What is a sizing order?

A sizing order is a chosen size range of any garment you've selected for your team to try on, prior to placing your order.

How do you get a sizing order?

  1. Select Team Orders in the main navigation menu.
  2. Click "Place Your Sizing Order".
  3. Shop for the item you want from scrubs and apparel. You are able to choose one color option in multiple sizes of each garment you want to preview.
  4. Add items to the bag. (Garments cannot be customized for Sizing Orders)
  5. You will see a pop-up summarizing your order.
  6. You can continue shopping, view your bag or checkout.

Find the Right Scrub Brand for Your Team

Are you looking to outfit your team? Not sure what scrubs will work best for you? We have developed this unique technology to help narrow your search quickly.

You simply choose whether you want Premium or Classic, along with what colors, sizes and styles your team will need, and this unique feature will filter to the brands that best fit your requirements.